Saturday, June 16, 2007

Exhausted from the fun and off the WW Wagon again!

After two whole days of fun and adventure, I'm worn out! Thursday I tagged along with my friends Kelly, Stacy and Stacey to Holiday World. We had a really great time! SO much fun. However, I have learned that I may be too old for riding Roller Coasters. As much fun as it was, it nearly beat me to death! Especially this one, the Voyage, which was terrifying besides being a rough ride! Take a ride here!

Friday I set off for a trip to Patti's at Grand Rivers with pals Sheila and Cara. The only thing I did that was harmful to my health there was overeat! AND OVEREAT I DID! We had mozeralla sticks that would more appropriately be named GIANT CRUNCHY LOGS of FRIED CHEESE, there was delicious flower pot bread slathered in strawberry butter, I ordered a KY Hot Brown that was covered in homemade potato chips followed by something very near Derby Pie. OH, but it was good! After our hearty meal, we wandered around some shops there in Grand Rivers and headed for home...but of course we stopped for ice cream on the way. Was another good day....wish I would have taken some pictures of both days to post. shoot.

SO I was rolling right along on WW. And then for some reason, I just sorta stopped. Stopped writing things down, stopped drinking water and stared drinking regular cokes, stopped exercising and started gaining weight! Imagine that! Eat more and stop exercising and the weight comes back? That's just not fair ;)

I don't know why I stopped...I could come up with a thousand excuses, but they'd be just that, excuses. I guess it's time to get back on though. Maybe someone who reads this can call me on it. Shame me into "doing right!" I've said it a thousand times, WW works for me, WHEN I FOLLOW THE PROGRAM.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI did find a weight loss challenge called "Tales from the Scales" that I'm going to try and join. Maybe that'll help. I need the accountability factor! And I need to lose those dadgum 40 pounds!!! The challenge actually started in May, but it looks like they'll allow you to jump in at anytime...and the weigh-ins are posted on Tuesday, so I guess that gives me a Tuesday topic.

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