Saturday, June 9, 2007

Some fun now

TA DA! I actually managed to sew an apron. This is the result of my first try. Now when I say my first try, I mean my first try at sewing an apron. My actual first try at sewing was back in middle school home ec. class. I made a pair of shorts from a peach chintzy-type fabric. The result was about what you'd expect from your average eighth grade doofus. Wacky-off seams, twisted elastic and they unraveled after the first washing. Did I mention they were peach chintz? eeeww.

My second sewing attempt came years later when Mark got me a sewing machine for Christmas. Maybe five/six years ago. I tried pajama bottoms. They turned out much like the eighth grade shorts. Then I got creative, laminated some vintage magazine adds and made myself a purse. That was actually pretty cute, but the grommets I used for holding the ball chain handles pulled apart and the purse was no longer usable. I may try that again sometime. I also hemmed two ends of some cute retro-housewife fabric to make a half curtain.

That gets me to this week. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I'm on a vintage apron kick as of late and I thought aprons would be an OK place to once again try and learn to sew. Pillows or placemats would have been easier, but that's boring. Aprons have no buttonholes, no extra parts to confuse me...and they're pretty! So I began with a basic chef's apron. Not too bad, but I won't show close up pictures where the seams & trim are obviously wobbly and one pocket is higher than the other. I realize these are my first tries, but I tend to be a bit on the perfectionist side and I want stuff to be right. But I guess what I need to remember (whether it be sewing, cooking or anything) is that when learning something new it's not going to be perfect and even when I know what I'm doing, it won't always be perfect.If I can learn that lesson, it'll be good for me. Ok, enough of that. On to aprons number two and three.
Number two is actually pretty nice. It's a bit fancier; I used "girly" fabric and even tried out a RUFFLE!!!Number three is another chefs apron. This time I thought I'd try grosgrain ribbon for the ties. Won't do that again, I thought it'd be easy to work with, but I had a hard time with it. The fabric on this one is soooo cute. It reminds me of a Shag print.
This is the pattern I used for the chef's aprons
I used this for the pink ruffly apron.
I have lots more fun apron patterns and plenty of cheap fabric to play with, so I plan to keep going till I get good at it!


Rhonda said...

Okay so I'm checking out your sewing adventures and I'm thinking god I am such a loser I have sit at home alday doing nothing but watching lifetime and playing on the computer. Now usually I am jammed pack with stuff to do but this week I am in loserville and think it is making me depressed. So I check out your blog to see that you are still working on a cookbook and sewing man that is the life. Then I look down at your patter package and swear that the lady on the last one in Cara I'm losing it. Keep the adventures coming hey it could be the only thing that keeps me from a deep dark depression!

Kellie said...

Ha Ha! You are so funny. That lady DOES look like Cara, I never noticed that. Strange. OK so if YOU would just start a blog than YOU would have something to fill those days when YOU have nothing better to do than watch lifetime and then I would have another blog to read from a person I ACTUALLY KNOW! Hey, if I had cable, my butt would be on the couch for sure. But,now I'm worried...what if I go a week and don't post and you fall into a deep dark depression...ack....I'd had to be responsible for that. ;) ...guess I better think of something to keep you entertained...hmmmm