Tuesday, June 12, 2007

SLOW going with the cookbook

Yesterday I had lunch with Mom and Debbie Newman(my brother-in-law's mom). I asked Debbie for her Poppy Seed chicken recipe and Mom mentioned to her that I was making a cookbook. Debbie laughed and said "YOU'RE doing a cookbook...and you don't even cook?" I thought it was funny and of course, true. Anyway, told her I was collecting and compiling recipes more so than "writing" a cookbook. And that cookbook is taking a bit longer than I anticipated. Much of that is due to my recent bout of ADHD. I've been jumping from project to project and running here and there a lot lately. Have done no cooking to speak of lately and I hate to lose that momentum, so next week I will be trying out a recipe and posting the results. As for the cookbook, I've had to start paying to finish it, so I'll be submitting it, finished or not, around the 8th of July.

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