Sunday, September 30, 2007

Biggest Loser The Workout v.1

In the midst of my sewing machine crapping out on me and cooking an overly seasoned pot of chicken noodle soup, I have managed to get in two workouts this weekend. Go Me! The Biggest Loser Workout is another of my DVDs that has been gathering dust for WAY too long. I don't think I've used it in a year or at least since BL2 workout came out last season...and I haven't used that one in a while either!.

Friday's Workout
Biggest Loser: The Workout Warm up + Bootcamp segments. The BL Workout DVD is customizable. There are six routines, including the warm-up and cool down. You can set up your workout any way you choose. I chose the Bootcamp segment last night because it was one of the quickest of the workouts---20 min. w/ 5 min. warm up. I forgot how HARD this one was and how FAST it goes. Wore me out!

Tonight's Workout
Bigest Loser: The Workout Warm up + Low Intensity Cardio + Cool Down (approx. 50min.) After refreshing my memory last night on what a good workout this is, I decided to give it another go tonight. I went the sensible route and did the low intensity segment. Much better. Don't get me wrong, I still got a good workout, just not quite so exhausting. The movements are fairly easy to follow and similar to some of the Turbo Jam movements, only at a pace that I can keep up with. Afterwards, I definitely felt like I'd had a great workout, but I could still breathe. And then there's Bob. He tickles me. Yeah, he seems pretty touchy-feely, but not in an annoying way...and he's a little goofy at the same time. Best line on the dvd is when Bob says "I'm just up here stretching on a rock! Just stretching on a rock!" Bob's fun to work out with. And I love that the people in the workout are huffing, puffing, grunting and groaning just like me! Easy warm up and cool down segments(though the cooldown seems to drag on a bit). There's a sculpt & strength and high intensity cardio segment on this DVD but I think I'll hold off on doing those for a while yet.

I'll rate this one 9 out of 10 for the low intensity segment, the fact that I can customize it, and because Bob and the Losers are fun to watch.

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