Saturday, September 29, 2007

*&%^@*$#!!$# Sewing Machine!

My sewing machine hates me. Maybe it's because I haven't used it in so long that it has decided to throw a temper tantrum.

I'm in the middle of trying to make what I had hoped would be a supercute Halloween apron to send to Jackie. It's turning out to be a disaster. I've picked it back up tonight after about two weeks to try and finish up and get it in the mail on Monday. I manage to get the pocket sewn on(with a zigzag stitch on bias tape). I get to the ties and all of the bottom stitches start looping. I've had the tension on every single setting possible. I have un-threaded, re-threaded, removed bobbin and attempted to clean the bobbin case and then made a new bobbin and re-threaded that, I put in a new needle and STILL the underside stitches look like this: AaARRRHhggggGGG! I wonder, will it be more expensive to have the machine serviced than to just buy a new one? It's a Brother and probably cost less than 150 bucks when it was new.

SOOOOO aggravated right now! Going to find a workout DVD with lots of kicks and punches for tonight and let out some frustration!


Monique said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the sewing machine problems! I don't sew very often and whenever I do attempt something mine always acts up on me. It's old, (was wedding gift from DH's Grandmother, and it was store in a spare room of hers for who knows how many years). I hope you get it figured out soon. Good luck with the apron!

*BB* said...

I have a Brother C-2500, one of the most temperamental machines ever made. It sews a lot better than my old one, an Elnita but it has this wierd thing with the way the thread from the bobbin has to sit, otherwise the tension won't work. It drove me nuts before I figured that out.