Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tales from the Scales Check-In

Just got in from parent-teacher conferences and I have mere minutes before my all time favorite reality show ever, the Biggest Loser begins for the season. Gotta make this quick! FYI: No one ever comes to see the librarian at Parent/Teacher conferences!

  • This week I lost a pound. One puny pound. But I DID lose...will try a bit harder this week.
  • I did start back to WW meeting this week! Go Me!
  • Hoping that watching people who are much more overweight than I exercising ten times harder and longer will motivate me to do more in that area!
Off to the couch with me!

ACK! Not off to the couch just yet! I just went to sign up and realized this was the last weigh in! I'll say this...I really appreciate all of the encouraging comments and kind words(not to mention a song) that the TFTS gals have given me through the challenge. Thanks so much! I hope there is a new challenge issued, I'd like to keep playing! OK....now...gotta run...I'll post my before/after and whatnot later. I'm seriously NOT missing a minute of BL!!! Sick and twisted, I know! :) Any other BL fanatics out there?


Mel said...

A pound is a pound and when you add them up they make you look even better!!! See you on the next challenge!

Anonymous said...

You go girl....a pound is a pound. I too am dragging my best friend for walks every afternoon. She doesn't quite walk fast enough for me. I think I will have to do more on my own.....

Paige said...

Does the librarian even have to stay for Parent TEacher conferences? I'm a biggest loser watcher. I just can't see how anyone can lose 30 pounds in one short week. How is that even possible?

Kellie said...

Yes, Paige they MAKE me stay. It's unfair I tell ya!! I'm kidding! I don't mind at all! But no one ever comes to visit me...all alone in my little library lair. ;)