Sunday, September 2, 2007

taking a bloggy break from cleaning

Was messing around in iphoto this morning and came across these pictures. The Puss in Boots puppet (all handmade)was gift from Jackie and Scott. I love him and can't wait to show him off to the kids at school, but am trying to find a good version of Puss in Boots to read.

NOW...I really should be house cleaning. I don't know how two people and three cats can make such a mess, but somehow we manage. Since I've started back to work, the house is unbearably messy. SO today I've locked myself in (while Mark is off at the flea market)to at least try and get it to the point where I'm not embarrassed if someone comes to the door! Been at it a while, SO...decided I needed a break. I sat down to check up on some blogs and see what photos I had to post and realized I've got a few things to share. Here you go:

I have finally finished my bears in waistcoats from Toys to Sew. Here's a look at them. I'm mostly happy with them.. I d like to try again in felt and hand stitch rather than machine stitch. They were literally a bear to turn and stuff so they next time I may enlarge the pattern a bit.

I made this apron to put in an auction basket from my region for the upcoming KY School Library/Media Association Conference. Ours was a cooking theme, so I thought what better to add than an apron? I'm really pleased with this one. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination...but I do like the color/print combinations. It's Simplicity Pattern 3752 and was one of the easier aprons I've made. Except for the waistband. I have a strong disklike for sewing on waistbands. Someday I WILL master it!

Finally, for now, this is the dog made from a glove from the appropriately named book, Sock & Glove. I'd like to try more of these. I had some trouble getting the arms on, but I think this is one of those things where practice really does make perfect. Still, he is pretty dog-gone cute! (I hear ya'll groaning!)Allright, the dirty cat hair covered floors are calling, better get at it.


Scott and Jackie said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I love 'em! :)The apron is adorable! Good job Kell!

*BB* said...

Great stuff! The bears seem to be the sort of thing you tweak as you go, I tried them in flannel then decided felt is fine but I don't cut them til after I sew the outline and the opening has to be huge or turning them is a pain. Rip the stuffing into little fluffy clouds and stuff the arms, legs and ears first with little bits at a time. And jam it in with a pen or something!! That helps heaps! Their little mouths and noses are so neat, I'm envious!

Mama Bear June said...

Cute critters! I sell children's books and we have an adorable version of Puss in Boots ;-)