Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Like Tae Bo on Crack!

Dear LORD! I did Turbo Jam tonight. I have done this workout before, many times as a matter of fact, but it's been a year or more! Even thought I have exercised since then, I've skipped out on exercise the last few weeks as you know and evidently the exercise I'd been doing didn't amount to much. Cause, Man! I'm draggin'! I did not realize how out of shape I had become. Oncce, I was able to get through the whole thing and feel good at the end. Tonight, I'm tired!

Turbo Jam: Cardio Party is one of those DVDs you see on Sunday afternoon and late night infomercials. I don't even know if they still show it but I'd bet you can buy it from Amazon.

SO the DVD starts out innocently enough with five min. or so of warm up. There's a cool "wheel" move that I enjoy and the music in this dvd keeps you involved and if you can keep your breath you can even sing along. Them comes the cardio. Lots of kicks and punches and speedbags and such. I did Tae Bo at the local YMCA for a while and I bought the videotapes when they came out years ago. This reminds me a lot of Tae Bo, but on crack. SO fast and furious! It's doable, for sure, but beware if you are out of shape like I am! It is going to take a while to build up the stamina again to be able to get through it! I found myself doing the "ZHEE! SNURFF!" breathing from YBB just to keep from passing out! And what is it with loud breathers??? This instructor also breathes LOUDLY! At approximately 25min. into the torture, I mean workout, a buzzer sounds and it goes TURBO! Everything speeds up and goes non-stop. Whew! I'm tired all over thinking about it!

There's funky, upbeat music(remember "Mama said Knock You Out"?) and a low impact person you can follow. There are a few dance breaks built in. The movements cover all areas nicely...abs(standing), arms, booty and legs are all worked, trust me. The last 15 min. are much more laid back and the cool down is nice and easy with another cool move called Jenga.

Despite being completely and utterly worn out, I'm giving this workout 8 out of 10. It IS a very good workout it just will take a while to get the steps and movements down(again) and my stamina up! Regular rotation? Not sure. Still don't know how I want to do that. Montly, Weekly, Daily??? Any suggestions?

Must. Sleep. NOW!

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Mel said...

Well now that your post has worn me out I think I will go take a nap or at least enjoy a cup of coffee! Good for you!!