Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yoga Booty Hoodie-Doodie

Tonight I began my first in a series of workouts to try and weed my ever growing collection of dust-gathering workout DVDs. I've decided to do a different workout daily, blog my thoughts on each and at the end of my little experiment, put myself on some sort of workout rotation. You know, the omnipotent "they" say that it is best to switch up your workout routine, not to get stuck in an exercise rut. And since I haven't exercised regularly in months, I SURE don't want to run the risk of getting myself in a rut now do I?

My workout tonight was Yoga Booty Ballet Live! Light & Easy. This makes the third time it's been in the DVD since I bought it months ago. It was a 15 dollar impulse buy that came with two DVDs. A Latin workout and this one. I HATED it the first time around, hated it. But I've decided to go into all of these workouts with an open mind and really think about the exercise that I'm doing and if it would be helpful in my weight loss efforts.

Now I realize that some folks really get into the whole new age thing and I also realize yoga is an age old, respectable practice and if that's your thing I do not mean to offend. So if you take it in that way, don't fuss at me! :)

The warm up segment is, in my opinion, waaay too new age-y and silly. Personally, I get the giggles when "polishing my aura". Which amounted to flapping my arms so fast I could take off in flight, all the while listening to the instructors heavy breathing(it has a Yoga name, I've already forgotten it) which sounds something like this: "ZHeee! Snuff! ZHee! Snuff!" One was ZHeeing! while the other was Snuffing! Yeah, I know getting the oxygen in is a GOOD thing, silly sounding or not! Still, there IS a lot of talk about auras and the like in the beginning so if you are completely turned off by that sort of thing, this is not the workout for you.

After the third time around, I realized that I don't hate this workout! Once I finally got past all the new age gobbledy-gook, I realized it is actually fun(well funny, anyway). The instructors are cute and bouncy (but not scary/Denise Austin bouncy) and they do a good job of calling the moves. They don't seem to take themselves completely serious, which is a good thing. The folks working out with them come in all shapes and sizes. That always makes me feel better! The dance moves are fun and easy to follow and stay at a decent pace (not too fast, not too slow) It seems to go by quickly. It doesn't wear me completely out, yet I feel like I've done some work.

After the cardio segment, we get to the Yoga and floor work segment of the workout. AAARGH! It is hard. And I've a feeling this is Yoga Lite! You should know that I despise floor work in any and all workouts and I have been known to completely skip that portion! Get ready to hear me complain about it with each and every DVD ;) Still, my upper and lower abs are now tingly and that's good. I survived it! My guess would be that comparatively, this one is relatively moderate as far as abs, crunches and the like go.

So. looks like this one is a keeper. It may not go into my regular rotation, but it'll be good for those days when I don't really want to work out, but know that I should. I did forget to mention the cheesy music, but don't all workout DVDs have cheesy music? I also forgot to shoes required...woo hoo!

On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 6. Haven't decided what I'll be doing tomorrow. Maybe one of my many Walk Away the Pounds DVDs.


*BB* said...

Yoga booty ballet live?? Wasn't the title a warning to you?? LOL can't wait to hear more about these DVD's

Kellie said...

LOL! You would think it would've been!

Paige said...

That sounds like a challenge. I love yoga, but I think all that "aura" talk would get to me, too.
Thanks for stopping by at my blog. You are a hoot! I'll have to check back here often!