Monday, January 14, 2008

The Future Soon

Music makes me happy. So much so that I tend to get a tad obsessive when it comes to certain performers/CDs, etc. For example, the soundtrack to Jersey Boys. I would venture to say that I've listened to that CD at least 5,697 times. I can sing every word to every song and I know the dialog too.

My latest obsession as far as music goes is Jonathan Coulton. Jackie & Scott's buddy David introduced us to his music a while back at a performance he gave. He sang a lovely little love song by Coulton called "Skullcrusher Mountain". We laughed and enjoyed it and I forgot that I was going to look the singer songwriter up online later. Last month, my brother Shea goes and leaves this post with Coulton's song Tom Cruise Crazy covered by a teenager playing a ukulele. And then he posts this one too. So of course I end up with CDs. I can't stop listening to them! Smart, funny lyrics and melodies you can sing along with. It's GREAT! This one may be my favorite. It's geeky and nerdy and even though I was never a science-y Omni Magazine reading kinda kid, I dig this song!

Please stop by and welcome my friend Rhonda Ro on her return to the bloggy world. She's one of the coolest girls I know and I'm sure you'll enjoy her take on life! Tell her Kellie sent ya!

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Anonymous said...

That song cracked me up. I'll have to share a song from TrailerPark Troubadors with you sometime.
Oh, I visited Rhonda, too. SHe's cool!