Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Sassy and Aprony Swap!

"Aprony". I like it...it works as an adjective, dontcha think?

I was wasting time as I tend to do when I need to be cleaning house, jumping from blog to blog, site to site when I landed on Tie One On. It's an aprony blog that I enjoy. By the way, the February Tie One On challenge is Polka Dots! ANYHOW, while there I discovered that Lucy is hosting The Sassy Apron Swap!

Sounds like loads of fun! Basically, you make an apron for a stranger and a stranger makes an apron for you. Sounds creepy when I put it like that...but it's not creepy at all! There are four seasonal swaps. The first is Spring, due in March. I'm excited to join in on this opportunity to spread aprony cheer all over Blogland! Non-Bloglandians are welcome as well! How's that for spreading aprony cheer? If you want the lowdown and you want to join in on the aprony goodness that is BOUND to ensue, head on over to the for the details!

Just do it before Jan. 20th, 'cause that's when the sign ups close.


Bonnie D. said...

I joined, too, Kellie! Should be fun.

Felicia said...

That looks like a fun swap :)