Saturday, January 12, 2008

I made a skirt, darn it!

Making a skirt, or any type of clothing for that matter, is something I have wanted to do for a very long time. Seriously, I've thought about it for years. Since my days of playing with Fashion Plates and sketching the outfits in Seventeen Magazine I've thought about how much fun it could be to design and/or make my own clothes. Now that I have a few sewing projects under my belt and am becoming more confident, I decided it was time! SO, armed with some 5.00 a yard fabric and Simplicity 4137, I began.OK. I DO have new found sewing confidence, but this is still me, ya'll. I knew I wanted to try this pattern. I liked the "swingy-ness" of the skirt, and it says EASY on the pattern package. So it MUST be easy, right? Despite the word Easy printed on the package, I fretted for at least an hour before starting. "What if I can't do it?" "What if I make a complete mess of it?" Then I remembered that I'd only paid 5 bucks a yard for the fabric and that the pieces I'd be cutting out were big. Big enough to cut out and make into bags, checkbook covers, placemats or something if it came to that.

So I began. Laid out my fabric, got out my pattern. ACK!!! This fabric has a one way nap and it wasn't WIDE enough to fit the whole skirt! Yikes! I didn't want to make the shorter version. Short skirt+my fat legs=hideous. So I had to try and lengthen the short version as much as I could by measuring several inches down and trying to redraw the cutting line.

I did that and had a skirt front. Yay! But then...BOO! It didn't "look" big enough to fit me. Luckily, I had extra fabric, so I tried again and got more what I thought would work. Of course once I put the two pieces together, it was WAY too big. I had to take it up.

Next came the yoke. It was supposed to be cut on the bias. I THOUGHT I had extra fabric, remember? Not exactly. I didn't have enough to cut on the bias due to the fact that I had cut that first skirt front out and decided not to use it. I ended up cutting up that skirt front to make the yoke. NOT on the bias. I think this effected the fit and the way that they top of the skirt hangs. It's OK, but not entirely flattering.

It called for a drawstring with two buttonholes in the waist. I still don't have the new sewing machine out of the box(it has an auto buttonhole thingy), so I opted for an elastic waist. That part was fairly easy.

And then, I was done! Took me four hours. Was it easy as the pattern package promised? Well, no...but it wasn't THAT hard either. And I think I made it harder with my fabric choice. Still, despite being annoyed at myself at every flub, this was fun! I see more skirt making in my future. And I do love love love this corduroy apple print. Even if I am too old to be wearing it.
Yeah, to other people it will probably scream "Homemade!" and if a person looks closely they can find all the problems and no doubt crooked seams, but I don't care. I will wear it in public! I can always pair it with a long blouse or jacket to cover up the not entirely flattering waist yoke. I made a skirt, darn it! And I'm proud of myself!


Bonnie D. said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your first finished garment! I think it's terrific that you persevered through your fabric layout issues. The skirt is adorable and no way is that fabric too young for you. It looks wonderful and I suspect you are going to turn into a sewing fool now. LOL.

Scott and Jackie Newman said...

So...I don't know what the heck a bias or a yoke is...but I do know that that skirt is pretty stinkin' adorable! I'm SUPER IMPRESSED! And look so European (and I would know...because I live here!)with your long Way to go!

Pinky said...

Way to go!! That skirt is adorable! I love the apple print, too. Very cute. It does NOT scream homemade.
It's very flattering, as well. :-)

Rhonda said...

I am always to see what you create and this tops the list. I am so jealous! You have to be one of the most talented people I know. Way to go!!!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Oh very nice. Love the style and fabric. Should be something I start to make as I can never find the right kind/size/colour/length skirt for myself. Hence I don't wear them much.

lovestitches said...

Yay you!! It looks great and goes so well with the boots too.

Domestic Chicky said...

It came out great!

That Girl said...

Their easy is never my easy. I stink at patterns. It all turns to Greek somehow! I have to sewn on the fly and then I can do well.
I have a do you get that "subscribe to:Post Comments" at the bottom of your posts? I'd love to know how to do that!