Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mail Goodies and a Much Needed Clean-Up

Received some goodies in the mail lately! Got this cute fabric tray and ribbons from Steph who held a giveaway on her blog. SO cute! Perfect for holding all my little pieces of ribbon! My January Flickr Fat Quarter Swap from Basketblessed arrived. I am so in love with the cupcake fabric and pink ribbon!And on to the much needed clean up. I will admit that can stand a little mess and chaos, but this was getting ridiculous! We have designated one of our rooms as Mark's ebay, my crafty/sewing space. My crafty/sewing space looked like this on Friday. YIKES! No wonder I haven't been in much of a sewing mood lately!Mark's stores his ebay things in the walk in closet. And a LOT of it ends up on and in the computer cabinet too, but I won't mention that. ahem. Anyway, the closet looked like this...Trust me it was WAY worse than it looks in the picture. There's another wall and a cubby hole in the closet that you can't see which was crammed(nearly to the ceiling) full of more junk! We could step one foot into the closet and that was it. DIGGING had to occur to find anything. We sent three boxes full to Goodwill and had two giant bags full of trash. In addition to all of Mark's ebay stuff, more of my sewing stuff was crammed in the closet in along with what was piled up on the floor by the sewing table. It took till Sunday afternoon, but we finally got it in better shape. Most of my sewing things are now stored in the closet! I'd love to get a big black bookshelf for the sewing room so that I can have all my fabrics out where I can see them and sorted by colors! But for now, the ones that are for specific projects or are heavyweight fabric are stored in the now-roomy closet and the things I'm using for aprons & my current quilting projects are in the wicker baskets. Aaaah. So much better. And maybe Mark can list all of this stuff now that he can see it and get to it! ...and once he does I can COMPLETELY take over the closet with my sewing supplies...MMWA HA HA!

Now that it is done, let's hope we can keep it from turning into Clutter Central again!

Here is a teeny tiny sampling of weird & wacky things that were piled up in the ebay closet! Some have been listed, others sent away, many many more await their fate.
These three stuffed animals were trapped in there...but they ARE NOT headed for ebay. They are some of our toys from way back.
OK, so I'm off to the sew right now! I'm attempting to teach myself how to sew a French seam...oooh la la!


Angie said...

The clean up looks great! I love the fat squares you got -- too cute!

Anonymous said...

Ha! You haven't seen a sewing area from Hell until you've seen my corner of the living room. It's not hard to see why I took up embroidery, I couldn't get the my sewing desk.

That pink ribbon is cute! And I am so in love with your thread spool stand thing, I am going to have to hunt the whole country here to find one now I get a whole room to sew in.