Sunday, January 20, 2008


My father underwent a major surgery on Friday. Thankfully, with the aid of much prayer and a competent and skilled surgeon, everything went very well. Dad's pretty tough...he's beat cancer twice and even though his doctor told us it was surprising he could walk with his spine in the condition it was in(pre-surgery), that failed to get him down. Of course we know it isn't just his "it runs in the family" hard-headedness that gets him through. It is the hand of God at work. That doesn't mean I don't worry, 'cause I'm human and I do(I worry about everything). Even through my prayers there's that little voice asking "what if". I really tried to tell myself to ignore that voice and to stay faithful, not to let that worry and that "what if" get to me. And compared to past crisis, I was better. Still, I'm glad it is over and that Dad is recuperating. Praise the Lord! And Whew!

On other fronts:
  • We almost had a snow day(YAY) last week. But then it turned into a 1 hour delay (BOO)
  • I have not sewn anything since the skirt.
  • You will not be surprised to hear that although I have not sewn and vowed not to buy more fabric until I used up at least 1/4 of my stash, I have bought more fabric.
  • I haven't cooked anything since Christmas. But I do have a few recipes from then to share.
  • I think I am coming down with the plague again.
  • Going to stay at the folks' house the next two nights and try to help out around the house, run errands and hopefully keep Dad from trying to do more than he needs to...cause he'd try.
  • Dogs are taking over my brand new library for the next three days. I hope no one poops on the carpet.
  • Managed to make it to my first Quilt Block of the Month meeting yesterday. I think it'll be fun. The first block is a nine patch that I think I can handle. The other blocks...I don't know what you call them, they go between the main block so I'll have to make 13 identical...are called Irish Chain. She started explaining how to put them together and my eyes just glazed over. We shall see how it turns out.
  • Did I mention that I think I"m coming down with the plague?Back to bed with me.


Rhonda said...

I'm glad to hear that your dad is doing good. If I have learned anything in the past year it would have to be that having faith is one of the hardest things to do! The lord works in mysterious ways and although its often hard to understand you must trust in him through thick and thin. He will pull you through just wait and see. We will be thinking about you let me know if you need anything.

On other fronts I had my mom trying to scope you out at the block of the month meeting. I said look for the coolest chick, young with blonde hair and that will be Kellie. Now she is trying to talk me into this sewing thing. She said its hard but you could do it. I told her if she could add a couple days to the weekends I'm sure I could find the time.

Hope you get to feeling better!

Domestic Chicky said...

I will be putting your dad in my thoughts - hard headedness is an amazing healer - lol

Adding fabric is a bonus! It just gives you more choices! I am with you on the cooking...I have been cooking, but just haven't been that into it lately...*sigh*

We have a plague about our house as well. Our funky warm/windy/cood/rainy weather doesn't help one bit either!

Anonymous said...

All that happening in your life and you still manage to add a post to your blog. Whew alright.
Hope all is well with your Dad.
Look forward to seeing more sewing and cooking soon. xx

Anonymous said...

Been worried about you, myself! I figured something must be going on since we hadn't heard from you. I'll say a prayer for your dad's healing. Sorry to hear that you're sick is the WORST winter ever as far as viruses go!
My crafts have gone cold, too.
Get well, friend.

Anonymous said...

Men are either too stubborn or too smart to realise that being sick means taking it easy. I don't need an excuse to get a few days rest! Hope your dads ok.

Trying to use your stash is a hopeless challenge, have you ever noticed that fabric 'goes off' and you suddenly find you have nothing suitable for that new project and you 'need' to buy more?